rOpenGov projects

The packages are in various stages of development, from preliminary to mature projects. See the full list in Github. Some examples are collected below.

Title Description Website GitHub CRAN Tutorial
RPublica ProPublica API Client
dkstat API connection to the StatBank from Statistics Denmark.
enigma R Client for the Enigma API
eurostat eurostat R tools
federalregister Client package for the U.S. Federal Register API
finpar R client for the unofficial API of the Parliament of Finland
fmi Finnish Meteorological Institute open data API R client
gisfin Finland GIS R tools
hansard R tools for UK Parliament API
helsinki Helsinki Open Data R Tools
mpg Data
osmar OpenStreetMap tools
pollstR R client for the Huffpost Pollster API
pxweb R interface to the PX-Web/PC-Axis API
recalls Access U.S. Federal Government Recall Data
rqog Download data from the Quality of Government Institute data
rsunlight Interface to Sunlight Foundation APIs.
rtimes R client for four New York Times APIs.
sorvi Finnish Open Government Data Toolkit
sotkanet Sotkanet R Tools
usbroadband Data for the U.S. National Broadband Map