Algorithms for Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities

Scientific journal subscription costs in Finland 2010-2015: a preliminary analysis

Freedom of Information

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Shakespeare! Cervantes! 400! A statistical analysis of the early modern printing of the Bard and Don Quixote

Shakespeare 400 years !

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R made personal (at least for swedes)!

About the package 'sweidnumbr'

Written By
Mans Magnusson and Erik Bulow

Digital humanities with R

Paris Digital Humanities Workshop

Written By
Leo Lahti and Mikko Tolonen

A hierarchical model of Finnish apartment prices

Probabilistic programming approach to understand regional trends in apartment prices in Finland

Written By
Janne Sinkkonen

Reproducible posters with R, LaTeX, tikz and Sweave

International Conference on Computational Social Science (ICCSS 2015)

Written By
Leo Lahti and Juuso Parkkinen

Searching, downloading and manipulating Eurostat data with R

New package eurostat released in CRAN

Written By
Markus Kainu

fmi and FMI observation stations

Using fmi package to access FMI weather observation stations data

Written By
Joona Lehtomäki


R package for the Finnish Meteorological Institute open data added to rOpenGov

Written By
Jussi Jousimo

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