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The goal of helsinki package is to provide tools in R to access and download open data from City of Helsinki and the Helsinki metropolitan area - the Finnish capital region.


You can install the released version of helsinki from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes)

Using the package

Loading the package:

List available features from Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY WFS API and then download the 15th feature from that list:

url <- ""
hsy_features <- get_feature_list(base.url = url)
get_feature(base.url = url, typename = hsy_features$Name[15])

For more examples, check the tutorial page.


You are welcome to contact us:


Kindly cite this work as follows: Juuso Parkkinen, Joona Lehtomäki, Pyry Kantanen, and Leo Lahti. helsinki - Helsinki open data R tools. URL:

Alternatively, run citation("helsinki") in your R environment after installing this package or see the “Cite this repository” section of the package’s GitHub repository.

We are grateful to all contributors! This project is part of rOpenGov.