eurostat 3.2.2 Unreleased

Minor features

  • dplyr moved from Dependencies to Imports
  • curl removed from Imports
  • solved geospatial map issues

eurostat 3.2.1 2018-05-20

Major updates

  • Improved support for sf in map visualization

Minor features

  • data/ generation script in data-raw/ updated to make all data reproducible

Bug fixes

  • Typo corrected from Cisco to Gisco

eurostat 3.1.5 2017-08-09

Minor features

  • Added new example data set to reduce repeated downloads from eurostat service

  • Now label_eurostat() gives always an error by default, if labelling introduces duplicated labels. A new fix_duplicated argument is add to fix duplicated labels automatically. (#79, #90)

  • Shrinked the package tarball size

Bug fixes

  • Modified tutorial to accommodate the CRAN error

  • Fixed cut_to_classes to generate unique breaks

eurostat 3.1.1 2017-03-16

R Journal submission

  • Release version associated with the R Journal manuscript 2017 final version
  • Git release added with Zenodo DOI

Minor features

  • Changed maintainer email address from louhos to leo
  • Added ./docs/ (automated package website generated with pkgdown)
  • Expanded unit tests
  • Gitter badge added to README
  • Added ./revdep/ to check possible reverse dependencies automatically
  • Cheat sheet added

Bug fixes

  • search_eurostat() accepts new argument fixed: if TRUE (default), pattern provided will used as is; if FALSE, pattern will be interpreted as a true regex pattern.
  • Augmented the list of Suggested packages in the DESCRIPTION file, including the Cairo package (#70)
  • Updated the journal manuscript based on reviewer feedback

eurostat 2.2.20001 Unreleased

  • Development version opened

eurostat 2.2.1 2016-09-14

  • Fixed canonical cran url in README

eurostat 2.1.1 Unreleased

  • The complete package now using tibbles
  • Rare encoding issues circumvented (#55)
  • Improved functionality within firewall-protected systems (#63)

eurostat 2.0 Unreleased

eurostat 1.2.27 Unreleased

  • Calls to extract_numeric are replaced by as.numeric (#60)
  • The column ‘flags’ is not being labelled even if type = “label” (#61)

eurostat 1.2.22 Unreleased

  • The European Commission and the Eurostat generally uses ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes with two exceptions: EL (not GR) is used to represent Greece, and UK (not GB) is used to represent the United Kingdom. This now can be handled with harmonize_country_code() which converts the raw data values from EL to GR and from UK to GB.
  • Harmonized roxygen documentation to better follow CRAN conventions
  • Changed Windows encoding to UTF for input files
  • Improved memory usage

eurostat 1.2.21 2016-03-11

  • The get_eurostat() can now get data also from the Eurostat JSON API via get_eurostat_json(). It also have a new argument type to select labels for variable values instead of codes.
  • Fix an error after update to tidyr 0.4.0 (#47).

eurostat 1.2.13 2016-01-19

  • New select_time argument for get_eurostat() to select a time frequency in case of multi-frequency datasets. Now the get_eurostat() also gives an error if you try to get multi-frequency with other time formats than time_format = "raw". (#30) time column is also now in ascending order.
  • get_eurostat() gets a new argument compress_file to control compression of the cache file. Also cache filenames includes now all relevant arguments. (#28)
  • For search_eurostat() a new type option type = "all" to search all types.
  • For label_eurostat() new arguments. A code to retain also codes for spesified colums. A eu_order to order factor levels in Eurostat order, which uses the new function dic_order().
  • Now label_eurostat_vars(x) gives labels for names, if x is other than a character or a factor and label_eurostat_tables(x) does not accept other than a character or a factor.
  • For get_eurostat() a new argument stringsAsFactors to control the factor conversion of variables.
  • eurotime2date (and get_eurostat) convers now also daily data.

eurostat 1.0.16 2015-03-27

  • Fixed vignette error

eurostat 1.0.14 (2015-03-19) Unreleased

  • Package largely rewritten
  • Vignette added
  • Changed the value column to values in the get_eurostat output

eurostat 0.9.1 (2014-04-24) Unreleased

  • Package collected from statfi and smarterpoland