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You can send us a note via the issue tracker if you like to add a publication using the eurostat R package on this list:

  • Retrieval and analysis of Eurostat open data with the eurostat package. R Journal 2017. (manuscript; source code).

External publications using the eurostat package:

  • Jungnickel, T., von Ute, J., Engeli, S. & Albrecht, U-V. (2022). Exploring the weight bias of professionals working in the field of obesity with a mobile IAT: a pilot study. Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism, 13.

  • Balogh, A., Harman, A. & Kreuter, F. (2022). Real-time analysis of predictors of COVID-19 infection spread in the countries of the European Union: User’s Manual to the Covid-Predictor-Tracker. URL:

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