Eurostat mixes NUTS2013 and NUTS2016 geographic label codes in the 'geo' column, which creates time-wise comparativity issues. This function recodes the observations where only the coding changed, and marks discontinued regions, and other regions which may or may not be somehow compared to current 'NUTS2016' boundaries.




A Eurostat data frame downloaded with get_eurostat.


An augmented and potentially relabelled data frame which contains all formerly 'NUTS2013' definition geo labels in the 'NUTS2016' vocabulary when only the code changed, but the boundary did not. It also contains some information on other geo labels that cannot be brought to the current 'NUTS2016' definition. Furthermore, when the official name of the region changed, it will use the new name (if the otherwise the region boundary did not change.) If not called before, the function will use the helper function harmonize_geo_code


Daniel Antal


test_regional_codes <- data.frame ( geo = c("FRB", "FRE", "UKN02", "IE022", "FR243", "FRB03"), time = c(rep(as.Date ("2014-01-01"), 5), as.Date("2015-01-01")), values = c(1:6), control = c("Changed from NUTS2 to NUTS1", "New region NUTS2016 only", "Discontinued region NUTS2013", "Boundary shift NUTS2013", "Recoded in NUTS2013", "Recoded in NUTS2016" )) recode_to_nuts_2016(test_regional_codes)
#> In this data frame 3 observations are coded with the current NUTS2016 #> geo labels and 3 observations/rows have NUTS2013 historical labels.
#> Warning: The following regions have no NUTS2016 labels: UKN02.
#> geo time values code13 code16 control nuts_level #> 1 FRB 2014-01-01 1 <NA> FRB Changed from NUTS2 to NUTS1 1 #> 2 FRB03 2014-01-01 5 FR243 FRB03 Recoded in NUTS2013 2 #> 3 FRE 2014-01-01 2 <NA> FRE New region NUTS2016 only 1 #> 4 IE062 2014-01-01 4 IE022 IE062 Boundary shift NUTS2013 2 #> 5 <NA> 2014-01-01 3 UKN02 <NA> Discontinued region NUTS2013 2 #> 6 FRB03 2015-01-01 6 FR243 FRB03 Recoded in NUTS2016 2 #> change resolution #> 1 new NUTS 1 region, identical to ex-NUTS 2 region FR24 FRB=FR24 #> 2 recoded FRB03=FR243 #> 3 new NUTS 1 region, merge of ex-NUTS 2 regions FR22 and FR30 FRE=FR22+FR30 #> 4 boundary shift <NA> #> 5 discontinued <NA> #> 6 recoded FRB03=FR243 #> nuts_2016 nuts_2013 name #> 1 TRUE FALSE CENTRE — VAL DE LOIRE #> 2 FALSE TRUE Indre #> 3 TRUE FALSE NORD-PAS DE CALAIS-PICARDIE #> 4 FALSE TRUE Mid-East #> 5 FALSE TRUE Outer Belfast #> 6 TRUE FALSE Indre