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geofi 1.0.15

  • Attibute datasets previously downloaded from internet, now included with package

geofi 1.0.14

CRAN release: 2024-02-05

  • 2024 regional classifications updated.
  • geofi_joining_attribute_data vignette fixed

geofi 1.0.12

  • pxweb removed from suggested packages list.
  • WFS api url fixed in Description

geofi 1.0.11

CRAN release: 2023-12-18

  • Vignettes made more robust agains missing suggested dependencies

geofi 1.0.10

CRAN release: 2023-11-01

  • convert_municipality_key_codes-function fixed, thanks @pitkant
  • Examples in vignettes that use pxweb-data from Statistical Finland changed to use Sotkanet instead due to more stable api

geofi 1.0.9

CRAN release: 2023-04-16

  • 2023 regional classifications updated. Two classifications: University Hospital specific catchment area (Erva-alue) and Hospital District (sairaanhoitopiirit) dropped as they are no longer operation but replaced with wellbeing service counties (hyvinvointialueet)

geofi 1.0.8

CRAN release: 2023-02-16

  • Links in vignettes pointing to Statistics Finland database updated to match new naming scheme.

geofi 1.0.7

CRAN release: 2022-10-23

  • Links in vignettes pinting to Statistics Finland database that started with changed to start with to match new naming scheme.

geofi 1.0.6

CRAN release: 2022-01-30

  • The content of variables in municipality keys related to hyvinvointialue (Wellbeing Service Counties) is changed and matches now the classification by Statistics Finland
  • New function get_municipality_pop() added for getting population numbers with spatial data of Finnish municipalities from years 2010-2020
  • Function get_zipcodes() has a new argument extend_to_sea_areas in case you need spatial data the extend further than the coastline

geofi 1.0.5

CRAN release: 2021-10-30

  • English names for wellbeing services counties corrected
  • New ropengov template added for website

geofi 1.0.4

CRAN release: 2021-08-18

  • new regional classification: upcoming Wellbeing services counties, added to municipality keys files

geofi 1.0.3

CRAN release: 2021-07-01

  • new convert_municipality_key_codes-function that can be used convert regional codes in on-board municipality key data sets into variable width characters as originally provided by Statistics Finland
  • new codes_as_characters argument added to get_municipalities-function that uses convert_municipality_key_codes-function to convert region codes to characters of variable widths. Defaults in FALSE
  • examples in vignettes that use suggested package now conditional to availability of a package
  • tricolore vignette removed due to complex dependencies

geofi 1.0.2

CRAN release: 2021-06-07

  • examples in vignettes that use pxweb-data from Statistical Finland fixed to match the changed data structure
  • http -> https changes in documentation urls

geofi 1.0.1

CRAN release: 2021-03-29

  • duplicated municipalities removed from municipality keys from year 2016
  • tricolore_tutorial.Rmd vignette now provides a proper method for producing the final map

geofi 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2021-02-25

  • first CRAN release
  • compatibility with 2021 mucipality and zipcode divide
  • new onboard dataset of municipality central locations as municipality_central_localities
  • api tests compatible with httptest v4.0.0
  • vignettes restructured

geofi 0.1 (development version)

  • Reboot of gisfin, package renamed to geofi.

New features

  • All WFSs (provider, URL, version) are now listed in inst/extdata/wfs_providers.yaml. This separation of data and code hopefully makes it easier to manage the data and to use it consistently in different parts of the package (e.g. actual code and tests). Package internally, these data are parsed to an environment wfs_providers.
  • get_municipalities() and get_zipcodes() can now pass extra-arguments (...) to underlying get_wfs_layer().
  • Basic testing harness is in place using testthat and httptest.
  • Municipal key rda files in data dir are now saved with compress = "bzip2" to reduce the size of the rda files.
  • Decreased version number down to as this is a new package now.
  • Decreased R version requirement to 3.5.0 as check was complaining about the previous version number (3.5.2).
  • DESCRIPTION now defines knitr as the VignetteEngine for the package.